The Local Sprout’s Foodie Gift Guide

Gift Guide for Chefs and FoodiesHappy holidays my friends! I’ve created a foodie gift guide with my favorite kitchen tools — perfect for the cooks in your life (or yourself!). Click on the links to shop these awesome items. Enjoy!

Stocking Stuffers For All Foodies:

Stasher Bags – I’m all about ditching those single use ziplock bags for something sturdier, more versatile and long lasting. Stasher bags will forever be a staple in my kitchen.

I use my stasher bags to store frozen cooked veggies for my purple sweet potato and coconut smoothie bowl, spiced sweet potato smoothie bowl, and my chocolate silk smoothie bowl.

Cookie Scoop – You don’t know how much of a game-changer this is until you have one. I love making energy balls, scooping the perfectly round cookie, or dropping batter into muffin-tins, mess free.

I uses my cookie scoop for my Chickpea Cookie Dough Balls, Sweet Potato Snack Balls, and my Mint Chocolate Cake Balls.

Hand-Held Milk Frother – Not everyone has counter space for a fancy espresso machine with a milk frother, but last I checked, we all have space for a frother the size of a pen. This little device is the simplest device to create creamy, foamy milk with for an effortlessly elevated cup of coffee. 

I love eating a banana bread mug muffin and sipping a cup of coffee with foamy milk on top – it feels fancy without any effort.

For The Chefs of All Levels:

Healthier Together Cookbook – The best book to get cooking your favorite meals (a little healthier) with your spouse, bff, or family member! Liz Moody’s cookbook is full of simple recipes for those nights when you want something classic and delicious, but still healthy.

Handmade Ceramics – I love giving and receiving handmade ceramics pieces. I will forever appreciate the fact that my handmade mugs are one-of-a-kind, and my bowls have a little story behind them. These are a few US artists that I love:

Heath Ceramics, Coco Chispa, Wolf Ceramics

I love sipping my morning coffee out of these mugs while eating pumpkin overnight oats on weekday mornings and gluten free sweet potato pancakes on weekends.

Weck Jars – My favorite storage containers. These guys come in a bunch of different sizes and can serve as anything from bulk dried food storage, to homemade salad dressing containers, to a to-go jar for big smoothies (my personal fav).

I use my Weck Jars for storing my kitchen staples, and for smoothies like my mint chocolate smoothie.

The “Splurge” Gifts for the Home-Cook’s Dream Kitchen:

Vitamix Blender – My kitchen staple that has been worth the investment over and over. Whip up the best smoothies, soups, sauces, and batters in this high-speed blender.

I use my Vitamix blender for my blue vanilla smoothie bowl, vegan butternut squash mac and cheese, and my healthy tomato soup.

Cast Iron Skillets – There is nothing like a good, seasoned, cast iron skillet. I use mine for everything from pancakes on the stove to roasting veggies in the oven. These skillets last forever and are an awesome gift for home cooks.

I use my cast iron skillet for my sweet potato noodles, gluten free eggplant parm, and my coconut curry ramen.

Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer – Is a beautiful kitchen even complete without a Kitchen Aid standing mixer? This gift is one that also lasts forever and is the source of some wonderful holiday traditions. Create the best cookie batter, knead bread for cinnamon rolls, and whip cream to top your cozy hot chocolate.

I use my standing mixer for my summer strawberry zucchini bread, and my carrot cake muffins.

A Few Extras for the Foodies out there:

I swear by my French Press and for coffee lovers out there, these are worth the investment. I love pulling a beautiful pitcher out for parties, it makes ice water just a little more fancy. I’m a firm believer in good salt and pepper grinders, these are a dinner game-changer. Lastly, for humans in your life who love the finer things, a beautiful wine rack is something that can elevate a kitchen setting and create new storage in the cabinets.

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