Hello!  Our names are Rebekah and Belle.  The Local Sprout was created by our daughter/sister, Ella.  We share with her desire to eat and live a meaningful life.  Our aim is to inspire and educate others on what it means to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 

I (Rebekah) own and operate a catering business, specializing in natural, minimally processed salads, soups and energy bites.  When I’m not in the kitchen, I enjoy traveling, being outdoors hiking/skiing and spending time with my husband and young adult children.

I (Belle) dance and work in a professional ballet company. I also love any outdoor activities, long gym workouts, and singing with my guitar.

When we are together, we enjoy exploring new coffee shops, silly dance sessions and antiquing.

Here at The Local Sprout we share healthy and simple, gluten-free recipes that require a blender, 45-minutes and less or a dozen ingredients or less. Our recipes utilize a wide variety of  plants to maximize your nutritional intake.  We enjoy creating unique recipes with interesting food combinations.  Like our lifestyles, we believe eating and cooking should be an adventure!

The recipes we create follow what we have found to bring nourishment and energy to our lives.  We love all the interesting, colorful and beautiful plants out in our world and find that cooking with whole foods over processed is much more fulfilling.  We shop at farmer’s markets and growing our own gardens and enjoy hosting dinners filled with whole foods cooked in lovely and unique ways.  Cooking is both a rewarding and creative outlet.  We strive to inspire others, through posts, to reconnect with food, their environment, and create meaning-even in simple ways.

Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to leave a message and share your thoughts.

-Rebekah and Belle